Why we started Tyve

October 05, 2019

We believe charity can be a powerful force for change.

We started Tyve because if we want to harness this power, we all need to change how we give. We need to shift from guilt-trip fundraising to proactive giving decisions, informed by research. This is how we make people feel amazing about their donations and fuel the best non-profits. But nobody wakes up thinking they need to improve their donations. And cultural shifts don’t happen because they’re morally correct.

We believe a cultural shift in giving will start in companies.

Companies who want to attract and engage mission-driven talent. The reason to join or stay at a company are the people and how they give is one of the few authentic signals of their character. It’s powerful because it involves putting your personal money where your heart is. If companies want to make their employees excited about giving, they need to empower them with the proactive approach to giving.

We’re building the software to make this simple and to tell your company giving story.

This is why we’re excited to work with companies that prioritise their people and want to empower them to make an impact.

If you’d like to start using Tyve in your company, send Ben an email directly: ben@tyve.org


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