Podcast: Ben Clifford on starting Tyve

December 10, 2019

Ben Clifford is the CEO and founder of Tyve, appears on the Impact Hustlers podcast talking about the why and how of Tyve. The podcast covers:

  • Studying moral philosophy and Peter Singer’s Famine, Affluence and Morality
  • 30% of US giving is done through payroll giving vs 2% in the UK
  • What is effective altrusim
  • Giving what we can with a 10% pledge
  • Making giving the social norm
  • You can’t fake the stat on employee giving
  • Platform for everyone to give through their lense
  • Why focus on growing number of users will scale impact giving

Listen here: https://www.impacthustlers.com/episodes/57-ben-clifford-tyve


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