10 reasons to donate a % of your salary to charity

January 30, 2020

Make an impact, and save tax, by giving a small amount of your salary to great causes, using Tyve.

1. Reduce your income tax while giving

Donating through your paycheck is the single most tax-effective way to give. Boost your donation by up to 88%. Depending on how much tax you pay, this could be 3x the benefit you get from GiftAid.

2. 100% of your donation goes to charity

Your employer covers the admin costs of running Tyve so 100% of your donations go to your chosen charities.

3. Cancel or pause any time

Need a break for a few months? No problem, you can pause or cancel donations any time, using the app. No awkward phone calls. No hassle. Restart donations whenever you want.

4. Give to any UK charity

Support your local charity or give to larger initiatives. You have the freedom to donate to any UK registered charity. Want to give to a specific sector, like the environment, or education? We’ll recommend a great match, or find your own.

5. Build your own charity portfolio

Create a personalized giving portfolio of as many charities as you like. Build a portfolio you’re proud and passionate about.

6. Control how much you donate

You’re in full control of your donation amount. If you want to increase or decrease month on month, you can login to the Tyve app and change anytime.

7. Double your donation with employer matching

Ask your employer to back your giving by matching your donations. If you give £50, they’ll give £50 too.

8. Get charity recommendations, backed by research

If you need some guidance on where to give we recommend a handful of highly impactful charities. They’re vetted and thoroughly researched by independent charity evaluators GiveWell and Founders Pledge.

9. Measure your company’s impact

Your company receives a quarterly impact report showcasing your collective achievements. Get together and celebrate your combined impact!

10. Control your data and privacy

By default we don’t pass along your private details to the charities. If you want to hear from the charities you can easily opt-in.

Start giving to great causes, the tax-effective way! Create your Tyve account.


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